Brand Vision

GS-II Hair Care aspires to become one of the top Hair Care franchises - with strong roots in Chinese Herbology - in Malaysia and Singapore. We are looking for partners who too favour natural methods of hair care. We hope to collaborate with like-minded partners as such to explore the business of Chinese herbology-based hair care and form a new trend, creating a win-win situation for all - We, along with our partners, get to establish ourselves as one of the top business in the industry; our customers, who seek to improve their hair condition, get to enjoy our regimens and the empowering confidence that strong, luscious locks will bring, all at an affordable, reasonable price!

About GS-II

There was a time when people cared only about styling their hair, neglecting the need to care for it. Over time, more and more people began to find themselves facing problems like dandruff, hair fall, even premature graying, due to factors both external and internal, such as stress, chemicals in everyday products and pollution. It dawned on them how important hair care is. How, they began to ask, do I get shiny and voluminous hair like the actors in hair commercials? They sought natural means to achieve that, ready to cast their chemical products aside for something more organic in its formula.

The founder of GS-II Hair Care, Vincent Lee Chow Fook, was in his thirties when he met his mentor, who had been studying Chinese medicinal herbs for 30 years. Vincent had been struggling with the problem of hair loss, and his mentor, who was very familiar with the properties and uses of the herbs, offered to share his knowledge and experience. Vincent came up with a secret formula for scalp care based on what he learned from his mentor and tried it on himself, with amazing results.

After seeing many around him struggling similarly, he decided to start his own hair care business, in hope of benefiting others with the formula he’d come up with. In 2012, with the help of his wife, he opened GS-II Hair Care, then only a small salon in its early beginnings.

Having greatly improved his own hair condition, he began recommending the products of GS-II Hair Care to family and friends. The feedback was overwhelming positive - they were very pleased with the products, which they claimed were very effective in improving both their hair condition and alleviating the problems they were facing, such as hair fall, dandruff and graying.

This gave him a great boost in confidence, and since then he had been actively involving the feedback of his customers in his research as he strove to continuously improve his formulas.

The Golden Ratio of 22 Herbs

The formula of GS-II Hair Care was tweaked according to the feedback of customers as well as personal experience of the founder before it eventually achieved the ‘Golden Ratio of 22 Herbs’. What is the ‘Golden Ratio’? It is the collective wisdom of all those who’d undergone painstaking labour to make Traditional Chinese Herbology what it is today. It tells us that every herb is unique in its properties, that the key to an effective formula lies not in the myth of ‘the more, the better’ but in the combination and amount of herbs used as well as an impeccable management of every detail in the brewing process - from the temperature to the order in which the herbs are thrown in. Traditional Chinese Herbology preaches precision, especially in terms of the handling of ingredients, for maximum effectiveness of the resulting concoction.

The ‘Golden Ratio of 22 Herbs’ is the key to the formula of GS-II Hair Care. It is also precisely why GS-II Hair Care has managed to stand out from its competitors. The effects are remarkable. It opens up blocked follicles, ridding them of the dirt and grime accumulated within, so that they are able to absorb the nutrients the herbs provided. It also repairs capillaries and helps improve blood circulation as well as metabolism, effectively encouraging hair growth and reducing hair loss.

Growing Demand for Natural Hair Solutions
For many of us, especially those who reside in the cities, there is no escape from pollution and the stress-inducingly fast pace of life we live nowadays. This phenomenon has led to a surge in cases of hair loss, premature graying and dandruff in youngsters - no longer it is a plight that plagues only the ones genetically predisposed to such problems. While hair dyeing and styling can solve them to a certain degree, the reliability of such methods is questionable - just how safe are they? People began to find themselves wanting something that’s completely natural and free of chemicals; a safe and healthy way to care for their hair. That is how GS-II Hair Care came into being - it was an answer to these prayers.

The Benefits of Using Chinese Herbology in Hair Care
GS-II Hair Care’s secret formula uses 22 types of valuable Chinese medicinal herbs, such as Ginseng, Dongquai (Angelica Sinensis), Lingzhi (Ganoderma Lucidum) and Heshouwu (Fallopia Multiflora), which has yielded outstanding results.

Ginseng, for example, causes the scalp capillaries to dilate, improving scalp circulation. It also helps balance oil production, which keeps the scalp from drying and hardening. Dongquai helps improve both scalp circulation and metabolism, preventing hair loss while keeping your locks black and shiny. Lingzhi minimises dandruff and itchiness, strengthens the hair and repairs hair damaged by excessive styling and dyeing. Heshouwu, on the other hand, aids in hematopoiesis, thereby slowing down the graying of hair.Therefore, long-term use of GS-II Hair Care’s formula can improve the strength and elasticity of hair, promote healthy scalp, prevent premature graying and even reduce hair loss and breakage, giving you shiny and silky tresses.

Scalp care is extremely important as it is the basis of good hair condition. GS-II Hair Care combines the essence of all the aforementioned herbs to provide your scalp the care it needs through both massage and hair steaming treatment. Healthy scalp functions as a foundation on which strong, healthy locks flourish. The healthier the scalp, the healthier the hair!

There are 8 major steps in the GS-II Hair Care routine. Let’s start from the “top”, shall we?
1. Inspect the scalp and identify problem areas.
2. Clean the hair and scalp by using GS-II Hair Care shampoo to ensure that they receive the treatment in a clean condition.
3. Spray the herbal essence onto the scalp and massage gently to facilitate absorption.
4. Apply GS-II Hair Care formula onto the hair, from roots to ends.
5. Wrap the hair up with a towel.
6. Begin the treatment by steaming the hair for 40 minutes to make sure that the nutrients from the herbs are fully absorbed into the scalp and hair.
7. Wash it off with GS-II shampoo.
8. Spray the Hair Growth Tonic onto the scalp and massage it for maximum absorption.

GS-II Hair Care’s secret formula, which contains a wide array of natural nutrients and herbs of unique properties, have won over the hearts of its many customers with outstanding results, and achieved great sales performance for it. Most of them reported a significant improvement in their hair condition after undergoing our treatment - their hair is no longer greasy, for starters, and over time the luster and volume began to return, too.

Due to the remarkable results it produces, our customers tend to come back for more and develop a loyalty to our products. This leads to a fairly high customer retention rate. Many of them are happy to recommend our products and treatment to their family and friends, too.

The first branch of GS-II Hair Care was opened by one of our loyal customers, who proposed the idea after having benefited greatly from our products and treatment. That was how it all began. In the following years, many more branches of GS-II Hair Care were opened all over Singapore and Peninsular Malaysia, some of which can be found in Penang, Perak, Pahang, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Melaka and Johor.

As you can see, most of our branches were opened by customers who decided to invest after becoming truly impressed by the quality of our products and seeing the business potential in them. 11 branches have been opened since the founding of GS-II Hair Care 4 years ago, a feat achieved through the excellent products and stellar reputation that no doubt formed the basis of such impressive growth.

Our Philosophy

Word of Mouth is the Best Form of Advertising
The effectiveness of GS-II Hair Care’s formula depends largely on the quality of the herbs used. Herbs flourish in different seasons throughout the year, each of them with their own unique qualities. The herbs are selected carefully and brewed according to the ‘Golden Ratio’, at a predetermined temperature, to ensure maximum results.

The selection and brewing process is meticulous one. Every detail in the process is painstakingly monitored to create products of excellent quality.

Unwavering in our belief of perfecting a wholly natural hair care regimen, we refuse to use any preservatives, artificial pigments or any form of chemicals in our formula. Due to this, all our products are freshly brewed, and thus must be regularly replaced, to make sure our clients have access to the freshest products at all time.

Your Needs Define Our Deeds
Here at GS-II Hair Care, we believe in putting ourselves in our customers’ shoes, getting to know what they need, and proposing products and regimens that work best for them. Aside from building a trusting relationship with our customers, we also strive to make sure they get to enjoy our hair treatment in the best environment possible.

To ensure maximum absorption of the herbal essence into the scalp and hair, we have incorporated a 40-minute steaming treatment into the process. This is done in rooms that we have specially prepared, so that the customers can enjoy the treatment while relaxing their body and mind.

We firmly believe that where we are headed is best defined by the needs of our customers - your needs define our deeds.

Everyone Deserves a Truly Natural Hair Care Regimen
Quality and the ‘Golden Ratio’ are the two pillars of excellence GS-II upholds its treasured formula to as we strive to give our customers what their money’s worth. The products are priced affordably to ensure that everyone can enjoy the all-natural regimen that GS-II Hair Care provides.